Monthly Archives: October 2017

wonder woman 9/9

Well, I have my wonder woman t-shirt on again – thank you to my Irish dragonboat buddies. As I lay curled up in the cockpit while Ron was at the helm during the course of our 36 hour sail across deserted waters, he looked at me asleep wrapped in a cotton blanket, and thought ‘what […]

over it

Well here we sit in our penultimate anchorage before we embark on the long voyage home. We are in Suranda Bay which is pretty beautiful. Azure waters, quite deep, resident dugongs, friendly people ashore who allow us to use their beach and a picnic table for our sundowners. Resident caretakers, locals, who arrange our transport […]

Are we having fun yet?

I’ve written posts in Word and stupidly not dated them, so these last few posts could be way out of order. The plan was to sail as far down the coast as possible that afternoon (leaving from Noumea). We only did 5 nm before we decided to call it quits. Conditions were not ideal and […]

I smell of diesel 8/10

Edit:: Island of Pele, Vanuatu. Well, we woke at 5am (actually I was awake at 12.30, 2.30, 4.30….) and waited for the first breath of dawn. As soon as we could see the anchor chain we started the engines and with me driving, forward, back, right, left, spent 15 minutes hauling the anchor aboard. The […]