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So we’re holed up still in Port Koube, Ile Oueun. Our friends are just south-west of us at Ilot Mato. We thought of going down there, it’s not far but the winds are from the south-west and that’s exactly the direction we would be travelling in. So instead, tomorrow we will head to Amadee where […]

Wally’s Adventures or National Lampoon’s Vacation

So we went into Noumea and were very fortunate to get a berth in the marina. (Anchoring out in the designated anchorage is not much fun. It’s crowded and lots of boats and ships go past creating lots of wake. When the winds pick up, it’s not very comfortable.) The visitor’s wharf is very old […]

Felix Aquamaris Pacifica

We have been cruising in company with Brian and Eva of sv Zofia, Juliana and Hugh of sv Sans Souci, and Sally and Forfor, their son Blake and his girlfriend Simona, on sv Squander. We went from Baie de Prony to Baie de Kuto on the Isle of Pines, then Oumaeo, then Gadji. Early in […]


From Kuto we motored 8nm to a small islet – Ilot Brosse – with Sans Souci, Zofia, Squander. Had a lovely couple of days there, snorkelling off the beach, then the winds were due to change so we decided to head north along the bigger island. Toni got nervous as we didn’t leave til 10am […]