Monthly Archives: April 2017

April 26

So we didn’t head out yesterday. The reason being, initially, westerlies were due to hit the area we were planning on anchoring. As it turned out they were quite mild so it would have been ok. However, in the meantime, something made Ron check the liferaft service date. Due for service THIS month. We were […]

A day in the life of

Some of you may think cruising is all about fun, sun, snorkelling, sundowners etc. Well today could be a lesson. Our boat has been on the ‘hard stand’ (ie out of the water) since December. Some jobs needed to be done that required access to the bottom of the boat. It’s also cheaper once out, […]

Preparing for our trip to New Caledonia

2016 was a quiet affair with some health issues for Ron to be sorted out. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your point of view, it gave us a lot of time to dream. On a weekend in Port Stephens we met a guy called John who organised rallies FROM New Caledonia to Australia, mainly to […]