Monthly Archives: September 2014

Day 118 Last stop Mackay

Well we gave Ali a lovely taste of island life, but the weather was predicted to change so we headed into Mackay on Saturday instead. Ali had proven to be a very good fisherwoman! She caught 2 bream, large ones, we let one go and the other got away at the last minute, we would […]

Day 114 Brampton Island revisited

Well we turned the boat south on Day 105, a sad day for Ron. He had originally hoped to get to Magnetic Island but let those plans go and is happy he made it to the Whitsundays, he’s covered about 2400 nautical miles, not a bad effort. We decided we could meet Ali in Mackay […]

Day 104 CID Harbour Whitsunday Island

Alan & Fiona joined us at Keppel Bay Marina, Rosslyn Bay, on Monday 1 September. Unfortunately, the compressor on the freezer unit had decided to completely malfunction so we had to call a refrigeration expert. We were lucky that Tony was able to come first thing Monday; we were unlucky that he had to go […]

Day 90 Yeppoon

Boat has been moored here for 2 weeks. We drove to Gladstone on Wed 20th, met up with friends who live there whom we had met on Heron Island 3 years ago, stayed overnight and flew to Brisbane on Thurs. There we split & Ron flew home while Toni caught a bus to Byron Bay […]