Day 58 July 31

Well, Ron’s been going 58 days now and shows no sign of disenchantment. Arrived Scarborough on Thurs 23, at about 2.30pm from an 0800 departure? Winds were still not favourable for a sail. Lucky the engines are economical to run! Heard a voice bellow ‘Blue Dolphin!’. It was Bill, uncle of our boat’s previous owner; he had helped sail the boat from the Whitsundays to Scarborough about 6 years previously! He couldn’t do enough to help us. Took Ron to a boat engine place where a real motor for the dinghy was acquired (as opposed to the piece of cheap crap R bought in Melbourne via ebay no less), bought some fuel, next day dropped Toni at the supermarket. Toni also ordered new mattresses, these will take a few weeks as they are individually made, so will be delivered up the coast a way.  Had some lovely dinners out here, ended up staying 3 nights as motor was a little late in the day being delivered. Left S at 0715 on Sat 26 July and arrived in Mooloolaba at 2.30pm, anchored in the Mooloolah River surrounded by really big houses & their huge motor yachts pontooned outside! Toni did some boutique browsing on the Sunday while skip attended to some routine boat maintenance. Lovely beach, really like the town. Left M on Mon 28th at 0715 and anchored around the corner of Double Island Point in Wide Bay next to the magnificent Rainbow Beach. Huge sandstone cliffs on the M side.  It was a bit rock n rolly so very fitful sleep. For some reason, in a swell, boats turn broadside to the swell, so it’s not a very comfortable motion. Departed 0700 and had a non eventful entry into fearsome reputationed Wide Bay Bar. Headed down Tin Can Bay & anchored a bit upstream from Snapper Creek. We were so tired after the previous night we were in bed by 8pm! We had the sails up today but to little effect. Left late next day for what should have been a short run up to Garry’s Anchorage on the west side of Fraser Island. Motoring against a 3 knot tide & into a northerly wind saw us taking a lot longer than predicted. Took a while to find a good anchorage as there were quite a few boats. It must be like camping & the afternoon’s entertainment is watching clueless people backing their trailers/vans then setting up tents!! A day of rest was in order and the morning brought a stunning vista of mist over the mud flats. The day was perfect, 25, Toni had a quick dip. There was a sign ashore that there may be estuarine crocs around – so much for R swimming under the boat the day before to get the fishing line off the props (forgot to wind in the rod before reversing! Oops). That’s probably the end of swimming where we please without local knowledge. So here we are, the day before Paul’s birthday – I think it may be the first one we’ve missed in 27 years! So happy birthday Pauly, hope you have the day off, and have a great celebration. We’ll toast your health when we’ve anchored at South White Cliffs tomorrow. Pics will be added soon.


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