Day 49 July 22

Lovely weekend with Ann & Darren – friends from our Kimberley cruise last year. Motored up to Tipplers, popular anchorage up Stradbroke Island South. Some fishing, lots of bites, lots of little brim, one eel like fish (may have been a pike eel) which was returned, very sharp teeth!, a crab kept trying to be caught and dropped off. Lovely sunny days. Headed back to Southport after lunch on Sunday, and anchored near Seaworld (Marine Stadium) in a fantastic huge popular anchorage. Next day up early and off to retrace the route, this time went further to Giants Grave, Russell Island, 15 knot s-sw winds, but dropped off to nothing overnight, perfect. Saw a pod of dolphins and got ‘the money shot’! On Tuesday departed 0830, arrived at Blaksley Anchorage, Minjerriba, North Stradbroke Is, at 1030. Even tho it was so early, it was a beautiful sunny day, the water was like a millpond, and we had a big run over to Scarborough over the other side of Moreton Bay, so decided to have a relaxing day instead. Went for a walk on the beach, saw lots of little blue-backed crabs, found a dead turtle, saw a live one bobbing up & down in the water, walked thru what must be a popular camping area, with only one camp set up. At about 1.30 big storm clouds came thru, thunder & lightning, fortunately not right above us, but got some rain and the wind picked up. Hunkered down, now got time to do the blog. Tomorrow we head for Scarborough, where we are booked in to the Moreton Bay Boat Club . Have a date with a mattress maker, the bed is doing our back in! Ron needs a new dinghy engine, we rowed ashore today, wasn’t far, but my shoulder is now aching. Obviously out of practice!

dolphin leapBlaksley Anchorage Stradbroke laughing dragon cloud



  1. Alan C · · Reply

    Lost your influence Toni? I thought Ron did all the rowing.

    1. I felt like paddling Al!

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