Day 39 July 12

This post will be edited when I get back on board and read the skipper’s log

Apparently, the boys had a successful landing at Yamba, albeit with a fast running current and the setting sun right in their eyes causing Tom to be lookout up front. A lovely anchorage in Iluka Bay was found. Next day found them going ashore in the dinghy & the motor splutters & konks out. The dinghy’s old motor had been replaced in Melb with a cheap rebranded one, you get what you pay for. So they rowed ashore & carried the motor from one end of town to the other to find a mechanic willing to have a crack at it. Rowed back to the boat again. Upon checking the weather, it was decided that Greg would have to disembark to make it back to Melb in time for a pre booked event on Sunday. At current predictions, BLUE DOLPHIN will arrive in Southport on Sat evening, too late to fly home. So, sadly, after only 1 day of adventure (including a whale breach right in front of the boat), Greg departs early on Thurs morning. & then there were two! Fortunately the dinghy motor had been repaired in time, so favourable conditions saw them leave at daybreak on Fri morning making good time, arriving at Cape Byron for their first sea anchorage. The winds were required to be from any direction but a Northerly one for a comfortable anchorage. You guessed it, they were NNE, but less than 10 knots, so they decided to give it a go. Am yet to hear how they fared…… Meanwhile, back in Melb Toni is struggling thru a whirlwind of social occasions, & some stress with no. 3 child who has left a lot of the organisation for his overseas trip to the last minute! Toni also managed a yoga class for some badly needed recharging, lovely. Once she is in calmer waters there will be much more yoga practice up on the foredeck! Berth at Southport Yacht Club booked in anticipation of arrival there Sat, thru to and including Wed when Toni rejoins the boat. In the inland seas of the Gold Coast seaway, the two of them will enjoy some calm waters & lovely anchorages before heading further north….


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