Day 34 July 7

Sitting in Coffs Harbour, sun shining. Left Forster in the early hours of Friday morning, not without difficulty I must say, never go back there again! Decided to motor all day and night to arrive in Coffs about 10 am Sat. Night motoring is really not fun I must say. If I never have to do it again I’ll be happy. Ron stayed awake pretty much the whole time. We had a big ship coming up right behind us, we were less than 2nm offshore so what he was doing so close is anyone’s guess. Ron was very anxious, so that made me anxious! Ship finally deviated but passed us within 500m which was not very pleasant. The sea was already like a washing machine and then we got its wash. To make matters worse, the starboard engine cut out a couple of times during the night, it restarted pretty quick, but that wasn’t nice either! Then the Autopilot decided to take a rest. One of the other crewmen was at the wheel while R tried to get a bit of shuteye very early, and I looked at the route guide, then looked at the shore, & we were heading straight for shore! Um, I think we should be running parallel to the shore!!! That’s when we realised the auto pilot had given up. Just shows to go need two sets of eyes at all times. Very narrow entry into the marina but the sun has been shining since so it’s lovely. Hopefully the auto pilot gets fixed today, then, joined by Greg, the boys will head to Yamba, Cape Byron (if not northerly winds, which are of course predicted!) and/or Gold Coast seaway! I’m leaving (with trepidation) the boys to do this trip, and will be very happy when they get there. I’m going home to see Tim off on his overseas trip and will rejoin Ron in Southport. Then there will just be the two of us unless we can entice some crew. Email forthcoming!…. July 8, the boys got away well early this morning, I’m going to have a lovely sunny day in Coffs with my dragonboating friend Angie, then fly home tomorrow. Off blog topic, but I have planned – 3 dinners out, 1 yoga session, 1 son’s farewell, 1 haircut and countless hours of paperwork & organisation. Once Tim’s left the house I plan to shut it down & lock it up as we won’t be back for another 6 weeks…. Looking forward to the next lot of sailing in warmer climes and inland seas.

lunch at Coffs Angies paddling office


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  1. Felicity James · · Reply

    You are made of sterner stuff than I am……awesome……enjoy the Coffs sunshine while you can, as it will be miserable when you get back here.

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