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Day 58 July 31

Well, Ron’s been going 58 days now and shows no sign of disenchantment. Arrived Scarborough on Thurs 23, at about 2.30pm from an 0800 departure? Winds were still not favourable for a sail. Lucky the engines are economical to run! Heard a voice bellow ‘Blue Dolphin!’. It was Bill, uncle of our boat’s previous owner; […]

Day 49 July 22

Lovely weekend with Ann & Darren – friends from our Kimberley cruise last year. Motored up to Tipplers, popular anchorage up Stradbroke Island South. Some fishing, lots of bites, lots of little brim, one eel like fish (may have been a pike eel) which was returned, very sharp teeth!, a crab kept trying to be […]

Day 45 July 18

Toni enjoyed 2 days R&R in Coffs Harbour with Angie while Ron was joined by Greg Candy. From the skipper’s log: Left Coffs on 8 July at 0630 and arrived after a lovely day’s motoring at Clarence River (Yamba/Iluka) at 1620. Very strong tide running in, boat speed 9.8 knots! Anchored overnight in Iluka Bay. […]

Stop press!

Blue Dolphin has arrived in Southport!!! Congratulations Cap’n Salty & Tom! Huge effort. Now, let the fun begin…. although he just told me the Gold Coast Seaway is full of speeding stinkies!!!!

Day 39 July 12

This post will be edited when I get back on board and read the skipper’s log Apparently, the boys had a successful landing at Yamba, albeit with a fast running current and the setting sun right in their eyes causing Tom to be lookout up front. A lovely anchorage in Iluka Bay was found. Next […]

Day 34 July 7

Sitting in Coffs Harbour, sun shining. Left Forster in the early hours of Friday morning, not without difficulty I must say, never go back there again! Decided to motor all day and night to arrive in Coffs about 10 am Sat. Night motoring is really not fun I must say. If I never have to […]

Day 31 July 4, happy 4th of July

Well a lot has happened since last I wrote. We finally left Newcastle on Wed 2 July. We liked Newcastle but really a long weekend is all you need there. After the Fort (Strickley, from where Japanese subs were fired upon in WW11), the pretty beaches, the Museum, the Art Gallery, a lovely riverside area […]