Monthly Archives: June 2014

day 23 june 26

Don’t know what day it is anymore. Been stuck in Newcastle Marina, autumn winds are late, too rough out there, we’re a week behind the good weather, sod’s law, Ron’s karma? Looking for more crew now as hoping to do 20 hour runs to get to Brisbane. Short stop in Port Stephens, run to Coffs, […]

Day 19 June 22

Departed early, 6am, for the assault on Port Stephens. Were we kidding? Got to Newcastle at 3.30pm! Have now decided to plan for no more than 50nm per day, other than where there are no safe anchorages. Got to do at least one overnight sail, timid crewmember not looking forward to that. It was frightening […]

Day 18 June 21

Stayed in Manly for a few days til weather outside was favorable for heading out. Left on Thurs. Leisurely 3 hour trip up the coast to Broken Bay where Pittwater, the Hawkesbury & Cowan Creek start. Saw whales breaching & feeding. No photos unfortunately as R got me to video, never again! 1 metre swell, […]

Day 13 June 16

Lovely sunny morning. Left our idyllic spot (which turned into a construction zone, jackhammers, lawn mowers), at about 11am. Motored at a very leisurely pace over to Manly to be set up for an early start out of the Heads Tuesday morning. Toni had her first taste of ocean swell in a small boat while […]

day 12 June 15

Trevor departed, bound for Melbourne, at 0700, Toni arrived at 1530 (stories to tell about a squashed boiled egg, a 20 minute walk that turned into an hour). Greg & Michelle drove to Glebe, came out to the boat for a drink, then we went to a nearby quirky little Italian restaurant. Can’t believe how […]

Day 11 – June 14 – arrival in Sydney

Went thru the Heads at 0330, ahead of estimate. Dropped the pick in Manly Harbour just near the Ferries! Congratulations guys, you made it!!! Such a shame our friends Greg & Michelle aren’t home this weekend – they could’ve looked out the window and seen the yacht. Catching up with them tomorrow afternoon. From the […]

Day 10

Travelled overnight, a distance of 120 miles. Seas during the night were 1.5 mtr swell, mainly on our starboard bow, causing the boat to rock and roll. Winds from the NNE at 14 knots. Boat speed between 5.5 and 6 knots. All good. Pretty tough going but no problems. Punching into northerly winds at 19-20 […]